Puppy Training

If you have just welcomed a new puppy into your house, then NOW is the critical time to get your puppy training underway. Getting started correctly from the beginning can make the difference between a future that is:

  • easy, fun, and pleasant, or
  • messy, frustrating, time consuming, expensive and difficult!

If we allow bad habits to take hold (such as toilet training issues, nipping, barking, chewing, jumping and so on), then we can be setting ourselves up for years of problems.

And if we miss the “criticial socialisation period”, then we can never get it back again.  This is why the first 3-4 months of the pup’s life are so crucial.

In the “New Puppy Consult” I show you how to correctly socialise your new pup (do NOT take it to the dog park), and how to prevent all these bad habits from starting.  If bad habits have already started, then I will show you how to effectively work on them, and how to prevent others from beginning.

You will learn how to most effectively:

  • socialise your pup
  • toilet train
  • prevent bad habits
  • cure existing bad habits
  • set rules and boundaries
  • get started on basic training

The “New Puppy Consult” is a once off, 1 hour session where I come to you and get your puppy training started off on the right foot.

Puppy training in Bendigo and surrounds

Remember, the longer you leave it, the less of the “critical socialisation period” you have left to work in. And also the longer time bad habits have had to start, and to strengthen.  So the sooner you get the right advice, the better the results will be!

Contact us today (or use the MESSENGER button on the left) to arrange a time for your “New Puppy Consult”, and get things started off on the right track.

Bad habits

A habit is much like a path through the jungle. Once a path has been cleared, it is much more likely to be used over and over again. If we want to remove an existing path, it takes years for the path to grow back over, and it will always be somewhat visible.

Habits are the same. Once they have started, they are much more difficult to remove (sometimes impossible). However, if we prevent a bad habit from ever starting, then training is simple, and our life is easy.

It is definitely possible to cure most bad habits once they have started, but there is generally much more time and effort involved. And with some habits, in some dogs, they may never be able to be eradicated 100%. The longer a habit goes on for, the more deep seated it becomes.

So remember, prevention is always better than cure!