Why Bendigo Dog Training is a great choice for you

One of Australia’s most experienced dog trainer’s and behaviorist’s right here in Bendigo.

  • Real Experience = Real Results
  • We come to you!
  • You deal directly with the expert
  • Highly experienced – practice not theory
  • You are dealing with a world renowned dog trainer/breeder/author
  • We offer effective training solutions that really work!


You deal directly with the expert

When you are dealing with Bendigo Dog Training, you are dealing directly with the expert.

We are not a franchise, so you are not dealing with someone who perhaps has a quick qualification and maybe only owned a couple of pets, and then decided they would like to become a professional dog trainer. Rather, you are dealing directly with a highly-experienced dog trainer, breeder, behaviourist and author.

“Honestly amazing! I cannot recommend Tully enough.” – Jemma Flanagan

“After months of training with another trainer without any result… couldn’t believe my eyes. Worth every dollar.” – Christa Goodall

“Cannot recommend Tully’s services highly enough!!” – Kat Young

“Still can’t quite get over the change his training has made to her and us!” – Carolyn Harrington

“After paying hundreds of dollars for another trainer with no improvement whatsoever, then 1 visit to Tully and all our troubles with pulling and walking were over!” – Anita

“2 sessions and…the fighting has stopped.” – Fleur Hastings

“What a wonderful experience…we now have a delightful puppy.” – Adrian & Erica Carr

“Wow… I am gobsmacked! Thankyou!” – Bronwyn Irving

“Thankyou Tully – an amazing outcome.” – Jenny Round

“Can’t thank Tully enough…” – Nikki Anthony

“Practical, simple and easy.” – Bec

“Like watching a miracle unfold.” – Simone

“Delighted with the results…” – Sophia & Justin White

“Fantastic and fast dog training…phobia cured in 45 minutes.” – Andrew Wilkinson

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Highly experienced – practice not theory

In fact, you are dealing with a dog trainer with over 30 years experience, who has personally trained well over 400 of his own dogs and is personally training many more all the time. This is in addition to the large number of dog owners he assists in training (from basic to advanced, and general to specialized) and problem solving every year, of every breed, and every problem imaginable. Such hard-earned practical experience doesn’t come along very often.

Keep in mind that there is “experience”, and then there is real experience! Even a pet owner could claim to have a lifetime of experience of “training dogs”. They may have owned a handful of pets in their life, one or two at a time for 10 or 15 years.   Many authors of dog training books are the same, and much of the advice you read on the internet comes from such sources.

When dealing with Bendigo Dog Training, you can be sure you are dealing with real practical experience and knowledge, and not just theory or a quick qualification.

World renowned author

In 2007, the CSIRO published Tully’s ground-breaking book “Working Sheepdogs – A practical guide to breeding, training and handling.” Some quick comments have been:

“an outstanding piece of work…. destined to become a classic in its field.”

“Williams’ detailed research and fine insights reveal the painstaking obsession of brilliance.”

Working Sheep Dogs Book cover

“”Working Sheep Dogs” is a seminal book on the subject.”

“…one of the best training books I have.”

“one of the best, most insightful books on working stock dogs”

“…a truly exceptional book on breeding…a joy to read.”

“…the finest book written on the selection, breeding, training and handling of working dogs… a must read for every working dog breeder, trainer and farmer.”

Click here to read the full reviews. With Bendigo Dog Training you are dealing directly with the source.

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Effective solutions that really work!

Sometimes there are various possible methods and solutions to dog training or behavioural problems. The more knowledge and experience a trainer has, generally the quicker and more effectively they can achieve lasting results for you and your dog.

Quicker results means less work for you, and less money spent on ongoing training. If you are like most pet owners, then you probably want effective results in the easiest, shortest time possible.   Our training methods do exactly that. Not every problem can be solved in a week, but you can rest assured that we will help you get the results you need as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you would like to book a time, or are just after some more information, then contact us now.