Cure your dog’s barking


Over many years with my own dogs, and of helping 100’s of clients with barking dogs, where the council has issued “control the barking or remove the dog” type ultimatums, I have tried various products.

These have included citronella collars, ultrasonic collars, and electronic collars. In some situations behavioural training can also work, but not always. Anyone who guarantees they can fix all barking problems with training (and particularly with reward based training) is simply lying. Some can be fixed with training, others simply won’t be.

All these products can work – citronella, ultrasonic, and electronic. However, the citronella and ultrasonic versions work only with a small percentage of dogs, and you won’t know until you have spent the money and tried them.

The electronic collars, if you get the right model, are 100% effective while the dog is wearing them. There are super cheap ones on ebay that are nothing but rubbish, and other expensive ones that don’t work terribly well either. I have tried various ones, but the Dogtra bark collars are the ones I recommend.

Used properly, they will humanely stop your dogs barking whether you are home or not. For most dogs I recommend the YS300, occasionally for very big or stubborn dogs the YS600 may be the best choice.

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If you need extra assistance or would prefer to explore training based options, I am available for online consultations.