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Matt Richardson
…an overwhelmingly positive outcome
Highly Recommend! Training with my two dogs went beautifully with instant results after the first session. Second session was an overwhelmingly positive outcome that showed that a perfect walk exists. We are excited for more training with Tully.
Atlanta Armstrong
If you want it done right, call Tully and get the best!
Tully is worth his weight in gold. Our dog has come leaps and bounds thanks to the wealth of knowledge Tully has given us. Problems we thought were too big are now a non-issue. If you want it done right, call Tully and get the best!
Eloise Beyer
Honestly cannot thank Tully enough…
Cannot recommend Tully's service highly enough. My parents have a male adult border collie who inexplicably developed acute anxiety about a year ago. Tully was able to reassure my parents that this is a common occurrence and can be fixed. He provided them with the tools and advice on how to manage their dog's anxiety and after only a few days they are starting to see progress. After so many months of stress it is wonderful to see how the whole household's mood has improved. Honestly cannot thank Tully enough for his help.
Gail Sherwood
I strongly recommend Tully and his invaluable service.
Tully is amazing! We recently contacted Tully as we needed some assistance with walking our Border Collie pup. He instantly recognised the problem and corrected the behaviour. Within 2 days of using the technique shown by Tully, our beautiful boy was walking perfectly. Tully also provided us with some very valuable dietary advice which has resulted in avoiding our older girl (Border Collie) undergoing a second bout of surgery. I strongly recommend Tully and his invaluable service.
Jessica Templeton
…truly astounding!
Thanks so much Tully. We really appreciate all you've done for Benson. From a dog we were at our wits end with to the dog he is today, is truly astounding!
He’s much happier, as are we!
Hi Tully! Just wanted to thank you. Our dog has improved so much, and he's a completely different boy. He's very responsive, shuts up when asked, and comes immediately when called (even in full flight after a rabbit or kangaroo). We walk off lead all the time, and somehow he's become much more intuitive. Never explicitly taught heel or wait when off lead, but he does both. We still put him on the lead when there's a cyclist, but he's much better when they go past. We're even able to take him to markets and have random people pat him! He's much happier, as are we!  Thanks so much.
Debra Wakefield
Tully is a dog whisperer
OMG - Tully is a dog whisperer. We've got a new pup. Thought we were doing the right thing. But encountering mischievous issues and toileting challenges. We were discipline like we would a child. But oh boy were we mistaken. Tully explained so much in simple language and made it seem so easy. In one session are set with enough techniques to get us going on the right track.
George Elyse
Zoom consult – simple and worked extremely well
Highly recommend Tully's services. Just used Zoom for a consult for our new puppy which was very simple and worked extremely well. Thank you Tully
Lucy Schepisi
Amazing… tried other avenues – they didn’t work.
Amazing. Our staffy x has stopped jumping, nipping, rushing through doors and we have had calm walks that everyone enjoyed. Tully explained what we should be doing clearly and the reasons why. Tully was always prompt and easy to organise sessions with. I’d recommend him 100%, we had tried other avenues - they didn’t work. Thanks Tully - one happy dog and very happy humans 👍🏻
Elizabeth Maw
Such practical advice!
Thankyou Tully! Such practical, and easy to put into practice, the training really starts!
Louise Beggs
Awesome bloke, would recommend his training.
We had Tully out to our place to visit our 3 Jack Russells and in one hour of training us humans our puppy is coming along very well. The older boys need a bit more training. Awesome bloke, would recommend his training.
Eloise Beyer
…can’t tell you enough how much the whole family appreciates your help and advice
Hi Tully. Just wanted to very quickly say thank you for all that you did with Ollie and my parents. When I spoke to mum yesterday she was over the moon and sounding more positive than I've heard her for months. There is real hope now that Ollie can be helped and I can't tell you enough how much the whole family appreciates your help and advice.
Riva Bee
…shocked and thrilled how well it is working
Hi Tully, I wanted to say thank you so much for your visit last night, and the wealth of knowledge you shared. Tim and I learnt so much of what we were seeking, as well as a lot we hadn't considered. We have starting implementing you advice wholly and I'm shocked and thrilled at how well it is working, for the most part.
Wendy Richards
…blown away by the difference in our dogs
We cannot express enough the gratitude we feel for Tully. Our two dogs were noisy, anxious and disruptive. Essentially real ankle biters. After only a few visits, they are now quiet, calm and respectful. Our household is now more peaceful and relaxed. We no longer fear the sound of the doorbell because of the barking and aggression that occurred. We also no longer fear letting them outside as the constant barking caused problems with the neighbours. Now they are quiet. It was just such an incredible change in such a short time, and we are just so blown away by the difference in our dogs and the mood of the household. Thank you so much Tully.
Michael Foord
…attention to detail is second to none
A very special thanks to Tully for teaching “us” how to stop our special doggie Lola to stop pulling on the lead when we walk her, and also to stop jumping on people. His attention to detail was second to none, and we now have a doggie that is very well behaved. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Michelle Lougoon
…best thing we ever did
Tully is wonderful, he comes to your home and teaches you how to teach your furbaby in your own environment... best thing we ever did.
Tanika Love
…a completely different dog since working with you
Hi Tully. I just wanted to thank you for coming out the other day! Jed has been a completely different dog since working with you. No jumping and no scratching at the door, and now we are using the same techniques for other little issues that arise! He was even super calm and gentle with my friends 8 month old baby! Cannot thank you enough!
Lesley Shubring
…he was awesome!
We used Tully for a little refresher when we adopted our 9 month old boxer Otis - he was awesome!
Elizabeth McGovan
Allows you to make an informed choice of training method
Great range of info and training techniques. No hard sells or push in any direction. Allows you to make an informed choice of training method.
Lavena Derham
…Tully is the man to get
Tully is the man to get.  Highly recommended.
Carl Schubert
Highly recommend Tully’s service
Highly recommend Tully's service. We have a French Bulldog that was continually bringing rocks inside to chew and we were worried he'd swallow one and we'd end up with a very sick dog and a huge vet bill. We sought the services of Tully and after two sessions we haven't had a rock inside since.
Renee Dawson
Best money you will ever spend!
It's the best money you will ever spend!
Meaghan Lee
…amazing knowledge and experience…we strongly recommend you to anyone
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge and experience Tully. We really appreciate you taking the time to train us so we can successfully train our dog. We are also really grateful that you travelled out to Heathcote. We strongly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their fur baby! 10/10
Fleur Hastings
2 sessions…and the fighting has stopped
2 sessions and our 2 dogs are so much improved. The fighting has stopped & the humans in the house are much more relaxed and in control. Simple & effective. Thanks so much Tully!
Carolyn Harrington
We would recommend you to anyone
A huge thank you to Tully for helping us with our little boy. He has turned a little mischievous German Shepherd into a more calmer boy. Tully has a lot of patience especially when it comes to showing us owners how to be more confident in training. Tully has helped us out a lot & we must admit we really needed his help. Thank you once again Tully we would have been lost without all your help, we would recommend you to anyone.
Helen Kitching
Still can’t quite get over the change his training has made to her and us!
We adopted a very boisterous Staghound cross, and as first time dog owners with two indoor cats we were completely out of our depth. After just a few sessions with Tully our ‘girl’ is toilet trained, no longer chases the cats, walks on a lead, responds to commands and is generally a well-disciplined dog. We still can’t quite get over the change his training has made to her and us! Tully has a relaxed approach and gives very clear and easy to understand instruction. If you follow his advice you can’t go wrong. Our home has gone from a place of chaos to peace and calm again. We highly recommend Tully and the service he provides.
Jodi Lewis
Don’t put it off…you won’t be disappointed
Can't thank Tully enough! We decided to try the New Puppy Consult & highly recommend anyone with a new puppy to give it a go! In 1 hour Tully had stopped her from trying to get in the house, shown us how to walk her properly as she wasn't keen on the lead (now loves her walk) stopped her from jumping. I was amazed at the difference it made to our gorgeous girl in just 1 hour. Don't put it off give it a go as you won't be disappointed.
Amy Evans
I highly recommend!!
He has helped me a lot. And will be getting Tully Williams back to do more. I highly recommend!!
Carolyn Harrington
…he’s worked absolute wonders
Tully is wonderful, he's worked absolute wonders with our boy & us. We couldn’t have come this far without his help & advice. Thank you once again Tully, we would recommend you to anyone
Kat Young
…cannot recommend Tully’s services highly enough!!
We cannot thank Tully enough for the help he has given us with our 1 year old Great Dane. We had a lot of problems with her constantly barking at our neighbours kids and at us, and after just 2 sessions with Tully, her barking has completely stopped. We are blown away by this result and cannot recommend Tully’s services highly enough!!
Jenny Round
…amazing outcome
I had problems with my dog Kia jumping on everyone she saw whilst out walking. Since my lessons with Tully we now walk up the street with no jumping, no chasing cats or other dogs, and best of all NO LEAD! Thankyou Tully - an amazing outcome.
Nikki Anthony
Can’t thank Tully enough…
We can't thank Tully enough, we were on the verge of having to re-home our family pet, and after three sessions we have a dog who will calmly interact with our family and is quickly learning to do everything he's told.
Jemma K. Flanagan
Honestly amazing! I cannot recommend Tully enough.
My partner and I honestly can't thank Tully enough for his expertise, knowledge and support in our private dog training lessons. So far we have had 2 private lessons for our 14 month old purebred Labrador, Argo. Argo's largest problem was pulling severely on the lead. We honestly cannot believe the incredible improvement Argo has made since seeing Tully. Today (after just 2 weeks) I was able to take Argo for a walk with nearly NO PULLING! This is honestly amazing! Tully, we cannot thank you enough for all that you've done already and we cannot wait to see what future sessions entail. Thank you thank you. For anyone looking for dog training I cannot recommend Tully enough. His knowledge, tips/tricks & experience is exceptional!
Adrian & Erica Carr
…a wonderful experience
What a wonderful experience we had with Tully and our puppy Daisy! Tully taught us in a respectful and knowledgeable way how to train our pup. Tully clearly has a wealth of experience and his strategies for the most simple commands through to more complicated tasks were spot on. We now have a delightful puppy - we couldn't have done it without him! Thank you so much Tully
Tarsha Walters
Highly recommended
I highly recommend Tully Williams if you are having trouble with your working dogs, or are just wanting to improve your own training skills. Tully seems to have an exceptional talent when it comes to training dogs, and when training people to train dogs. A great setup which makes learning easy and fun.
Melissa Harper
Simply brilliant!
At the start of 2016, I decided that I wanted to have a try at sheepdog work. Both sporting and practical. I had literally no idea where to begin. I purchased a dog, and was extremely lucky when the dog's seller recommended Tully for some lessons. From having no idea where to start, to managing to muster my sheep into a yard in 4 lessons was astounding! I have found my lessons with Tully to be fun, precise, and he has the ability to find a way to explain exactly what the handler needs to understand.  Simply brilliant!
Christa Goodall
…couldn’t believe my eyes
So grateful! After months of training with positive reinforcement with another trainer without any result, Max our one year old puppy walked on the lead within 2 minutes without any pulling thanks to Bendigo Dog Training. Couldn't believe my eyes. He is a different puppy on the lead. Our walks are now enjoyable instead of frustrating. Worth every dollar!!! Thanks.
Bronwyn Irving
Wow… I am gobsmacked!! Thankyou!
Wow, I went home on my lunch break and went outside to see Boof and usually he is so excited and jumps all over me and he just stood in front of me! I am gobsmacked!! Thankyou!
Amie Chalwell
…changed my views so much
Hi Tully, I just wanted to let you know I received your fantastic DVD and book last week. Your DVD is by far the most in depth discussion on natural ability and instinct I have ever come across! I am thoroughly enjoying it, and it's so nice to purchase something like this that isn't over within the hour! I am almost half way through your book and am about ready to start at the beginning again! There is just so much to take in it's fantastic! The little bit I have read has changed my views so much on how I look at my dogs.
Midwest Book Reviews
…a seminal book on the subject
Man's best friend can also be one of man's best workers. "Working Sheep Dogs: A Practical Guide to Breeding, Training, and Handling" is a comprehensive handbook to raising and training one's sheep dogs to serve their tasks. Covering every aspect of raising and educating a dog in terms that one doesn't need to be a veterinarian to understand, "Working Sheep Dogs" is a seminal book on the subject.  
Carl Rogge, NSW
…just cannot thank you enough
Hi Tully, I purchased your book just prior to picking up my Kelpie, she is now just over 2 years old.

I work in the city and to this day I still carry your book in my bag and most days I will flick through different chapters and it's amazing how things spring into your head when a mistake is made I ask myself "what would Tully say". I just cannot thank you enough for a book that can be read by the most experienced handler or the complete novice like me and learn.

This book should be like pedigree papers and given to everybody to read it as there is real information in that book that will help regardless of your experience. A mate of mine has a copy and often we find ourselves asking questions when something goes wrong, we always refer back to the "Tully bible". I hope I am not bothering you but just want you to know what your book has done to us.
David Kerr, Victoria
…the finest book written on working dogs
In my opinion this is the finest book written on the selection, breeding, training and handling of working dogs. It has been written by a very knowledgeable person with a great deal of passion to breed and train good working dogs – Tully Williams.

I came across this book which was advertised on the CSIRO web site, and since I had just lost my border collie due to illness and was looking for another dog, I decided to purchase this book on the expectation that it may contain information that would help me in the selection and training of my new dog. It certainly has done just that. I followed the author’s suggestion to read through the working instincts once fairly quickly, then re-read it again – this way one gains an overall picture of what the author’s terminology is all about.

Tully Williams has lain down the gauntlet to breeders to breed good dogs with natural ability, to assist farmers in their daily tasks and not to breed only for dog trials.

This book is a MUST for every working dog breeder, trainer and farmer.
Stuart Robertson, Otago, New Zealand
…an OUTSTANDING piece of work…destined to become a classic
I saw this book advertised in the last newsletter so I thought I would have a look. I am glad I did, it's a wee beaut!

This is an OUTSTANDING piece of work in both the quantity; there is barely a wasted sentence, and the quality of the information it contains. An Aussie book, (no Huntaways sorry), it focuses on breeding good quality heading types (although most of the principles apply to any breed of sheepdog). The first seventy odd pages consists mainly of critical assessment of temperament, natural abilities and intelligence, including the good and not so good. This is followed by twenty or so pages devoted to breeding and selection for breeding and likely outcomes from certain choices. I think it is in these two sections that this book excels and stands alone.

Some 265 pages long, this is an information dense book, well-written and laid out. It requires careful reading because of the intensity of the information. The remaining pages contain excellent ideas regarding training, training psychology, rearing, stockwork and trials. It includes clear line drawings and a few photographs. The training section is very detailed and focuses considerably on training the trainer and gaining insight in this area. This is high value information for those prepared to take the time to understand it. There is a strongly critical tone throughout this book which is really urging us to take more care in the breeding and handling of these outstanding work mates. It is presented in a solid and informative way by a  young but clearly experienced man, of great integrity.

In his analytical and passionate approach he is is deeply concerned about the decline in quality of sheepdogs in his own backyard. And it is a very big back yard. I think this book is destined to become a classic in its field. For those of you who value quality books on this subject, BUY ONE NOW!!
Trudi Salvin, The Land, July 2007
…provides a whole new approach
"Working Sheep Dogs" is not simply a manual on how to train a working animal, but provides a whole new approach to breeding, training and handling farm dogs.
Jane Dorrell, Western Australia
…one of the best training books
Congratulations on a wonderfully informative Working Sheep Dog book.  I have just purchased it and feel it is one of the best training books I have.
K. Hazelbaker
…one of the best, most insightful books on working dogs
This is one of the best, most insightful books on working stock dogs I have read! It would be useful for training a dog, as well as what to look for in breeding good working dogs. I very much appreciated Mr. Williams' detailed descriptions of the traits that go into making a good, independent working stock dog. He describes them, and talks about how they interact in a dog. He also gives practical advice for training a working dog. I found it very helpful.
Dogworld, January 2008
Truly exceptional book… the painstaking obsession of brilliance
It's been a while since I came across a truly exceptional book on breeding. And this was the last thing I expected from a technical manual on working sheepdogs... this book was a joy to read.

Williams' detailed research and fine insights reveal the painstaking obsession of brilliance.
Andrew Wilkinson
…cured in 45 minutes
Fantastic and fast dog training. Our Ridgeback Sam had a phobia of bridges (refused to cross the Mitchell St train bridge, or any others), and was hard to get into the car. Cured in 45 Minutes. Highly Recommended.
…very clear with his instructions
I am thrilled to be having lessons with Tully. I have made progress with my Border Collie in a matter of months, after having years of frustration. Tully is very clear with his instructions, ensuring I understand the methods/exercises correctly. I finally feel that being able to work sheep effectively with my dog is achievable.
…practical, simple and easy
A friend recommended Tully to us after they had a "breakthrough" with their dog. I was keen to see what help Tully could provide us - we didn't have any "major" problems - but we knew there were a few areas where our dog could improve. Tully's advice was very practical and simple & easy enough for us to follow through with. We noticed a change in our dog straight away - walking her on the lead soon became a breeze! Thanks Tully.
David Ruffell
…can’t speak highly enough
Belinda & I enlisted the help of Bendigo Dog Training for our 12 month old Hungarian Viszla. After the very first visit Memphis was a completely different dog, so calm and relaxed. Tully's training methods are very calm but assertive to ensure the dog knows exactly what is wanted when told. He also instills in the owners that we can do it. With time, patience & practice it will come. We can't speak highly enough of Tully & Bendigo Dog Training.
…like watching a miracle unfold
Hi Tully, I just wanted to thank you for demonstrating how to properly walk/lead a dog (especially a big eager heeler pup) on a lead. It was like watching a miracle unfold. It has given me the confidence to give it a really good go.. Thanks again.
Sophia & Justin White
…delighted with the results
Bendigo Dog Training came highly recommended to us and we were delighted with the results. The techniques that Tully taught us for handling our dog were invaluable.
…his rates are peanuts compared to what he delivers and what’s out there!
After paying hundreds of dollars for another trainer to come out to my home for 1 hour, I had no improvement whatsoever. Then 1 visit to Tully & not a minute later all our troubles with pulling and walking on the lead were over! It's been weeks now and my dog has not faltered. Tully has given me the tools and knowledge to enjoy my dog as a pet, and now we are working on sheep so he will soon become a trusty work mate too. Thank you Tully for giving Buddy & I the chance to understand one another and develop a great partnership. I highly recommend Tully to help you train your dog (for work or as a pet). His rates are peanuts compared to what he delivers and what's out there! Thanks again,
Melissa Harper
…learnt so much in such a short time!
Hi Tully, thank you so much for our lesson last Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much in such a short time!

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