How to toilet train my puppy

pup-toilet-paperToilet training with some pups is a breeze, with other pups not so much! One of the most important aspects with toilet training is to make sure you get things right the first time, because once your puppy has learnt to use your house as a toilet, curing it is much more difficult!

However, even if you have got a confirmed toilet training problem, we can still help you get it fixed up quickly and effectively.

If you have a new puppy, we recommend our “New Puppy Consult”, where we make sure toilet training problems, and many others also, never get a look in!


YES! Dog training help is still available!

If you've got a new pup but can't get to puppy school, our New Puppy Consult is perfect - ONLINE (using Zoom) without leaving your home.

And no matter your problem, ONLINE consults are available.

For some serious problems (such as aggression with kids in the house and so on) we can still come out to you.

Stay safe, regards Tully.