Working Sheep Dogs Book coverWorking Sheepdogs
A practical guide to breeding, training & handling

By Tully Williams

…he was awesome!
We used Tully for a little refresher when we adopted our 9 month old boxer Otis - he was awesome!
Lesley Shubring
Allows you to make an informed choice of training method
Great range of info and training techniques. No hard sells or push in any direction. Allows you to make an informed choice of training method.
Elizabeth McGovan
…Tully is the man to get
Tully is the man to get.  Highly recommended.
Lavena Derham
Highly recommend Tully’s service
Highly recommend Tully's service. We have a French Bulldog that was continually bringing rocks inside to chew and we were worried he'd swallow one and we'd end up with a very sick dog and a huge vet bill. We sought the services of Tully and after two sessions we haven't had a rock inside since.
Carl Schubert
Best money you will ever spend!
It's the best money you will ever spend!
Renee Dawson
…amazing knowledge and experience…we strongly recommend you to anyone
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing knowledge and experience Tully. We really appreciate you taking the time to train us so we can successfully train our dog. We are also really grateful that you travelled out to Heathcote. We strongly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their fur baby! 10/10
Meaghan Lee
2 sessions…and the fighting has stopped
2 sessions and our 2 dogs are so much improved. The fighting has stopped & the humans in the house are much more relaxed and in control. Simple & effective. Thanks so much Tully!
Fleur Hastings
We would recommend you to anyone
A huge thank you to Tully for helping us with our little boy. He has turned a little mischievous German Shepherd into a more calmer boy. Tully has a lot of patience especially when it comes to showing us owners how to be more confident in training. Tully has helped us out a lot & we must admit we really needed his help. Thank you once again Tully we would have been lost without all your help, we would recommend you to anyone.
Carolyn Harrington
Still can’t quite get over the change his training has made to her and us!
We adopted a very boisterous Staghound cross, and as first time dog owners with two indoor cats we were completely out of our depth. After just a few sessions with Tully our ‘girl’ is toilet trained, no longer chases the cats, walks on a lead, responds to commands and is generally a well-disciplined dog. We still can’t quite get over the change his training has made to her and us! Tully has a relaxed approach and gives very clear and easy to understand instruction. If you follow his advice you can’t go wrong. Our home has gone from a place of chaos to peace and calm again. We highly recommend Tully and the service he provides.
Helen Kitching
Don’t put it off…you won’t be disappointed
Can't thank Tully enough! We decided to try the New Puppy Consult & highly recommend anyone with a new puppy to give it a go! In 1 hour Tully had stopped her from trying to get in the house, shown us how to walk her properly as she wasn't keen on the lead (now loves her walk) stopped her from jumping. I was amazed at the difference it made to our gorgeous girl in just 1 hour. Don't put it off give it a go as you won't be disappointed.
Jodi Lewis

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