Is walking your dog a pain?!

Perhaps, like many people I have helped, you have even completely stopped walking your dog because it is so hard!

No matter how bad (or even if it is just slightly annoying), it can be fixed.

Still a bit doubtful? Perhaps you’ve already tried various options and nothing has worked?  I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee that walking your dog will soon be a pleasure and not a pain.

And that means you can start taking your dog on those enjoyable walks again.

Contact us today on messenger (button on left), via email, or call 0417 386 346 to find out more.

“I had problems with my dog Kia jumping on everyone she saw whilst out walking. Since my lessons with Tully we now walk up the street with no jumping, no chasing cats or other dogs, and best of all NO LEAD! Thankyou Tully – an amazing outcome.” – Jenny Round