He’s much happier, as are we!

Hi Tully! Just wanted to thank you. Our dog has improved so much, and he’s a completely different boy. He’s very responsive, shuts up when asked, and comes immediately when called (even in full flight after a rabbit or kangaroo). We walk off lead all the time, and somehow he’s become much more intuitive. Never explicitly taught heel or wait when off lead, but he does both. We still put him on the lead when there’s a cyclist, but he’s much better when they go past. We’re even able to take him to markets and have random people pat him! He’s much happier, as are we!  Thanks so much.

Tully is a dog whisperer

OMG – Tully is a dog whisperer. We’ve got a new pup. Thought we were doing the right thing. But encountering mischievous issues and toileting challenges. We were discipline like we would a child. But oh boy were we mistaken. Tully explained so much in simple language and made it seem so easy. In one session are set with enough techniques to get us going on the right track.

Amazing… tried other avenues – they didn’t work.

Amazing. Our staffy x has stopped jumping, nipping, rushing through doors and we have had calm walks that everyone enjoyed. Tully explained what we should be doing clearly and the reasons why. Tully was always prompt and easy to organise sessions with. I’d recommend him 100%, we had tried other avenues – they didn’t work. Thanks Tully – one happy dog and very happy humans 👍🏻

Such practical advice!

Thankyou Tully! Such practical, and easy to put into practice, advice…now the training really starts!

Awesome bloke, would recommend his training.

We had Tully out to our place to visit our 3 Jack Russells and in one hour of training us humans our puppy is coming along very well. The older boys need a bit more training. Awesome bloke, would recommend his training.

…can’t tell you enough how much the whole family appreciates your help and advice

Hi Tully. Just wanted to very quickly say thank you for all that you did with Ollie and my parents. When I spoke to mum yesterday she was over the moon and sounding more positive than I’ve heard her for months. There is real hope now that Ollie can be helped and I can’t tell you enough how much the whole family appreciates your help and advice.

…shocked and thrilled how well it is working

Hi Tully, I wanted to say thank you so much for your visit last night, and the wealth of knowledge you shared. Tim and I learnt so much of what we were seeking, as well as a lot we hadn’t considered. We have starting implementing you advice wholly and I’m shocked and thrilled at how well it is working, for the most part.

…blown away by the difference in our dogs

We cannot express enough the gratitude we feel for Tully. Our two dogs were noisy, anxious and disruptive. Essentially real ankle biters. After only a few visits, they are now quiet, calm and respectful. Our household is now more peaceful and relaxed. We no longer fear the sound of the doorbell because of the barking and aggression that occurred. We also no longer fear letting them outside as the constant barking caused problems with the neighbours. Now they are quiet. It was just such an incredible change in such a short time, and we are just so blown away by the difference in our dogs and the mood of the household. Thank you so much Tully.

…attention to detail is second to none

A very special thanks to Tully for teaching “us” how to stop our special doggie Lola to stop pulling on the lead when we walk her, and also to stop jumping on people. His attention to detail was second to none, and we now have a doggie that is very well behaved. I would highly recommend him to anyone.