…just cannot thank you enough

Hi Tully, I purchased your book just prior to picking up my Kelpie, she is now just over 2 years old.

I work in the city and to this day I still carry your book in my bag and most days I will flick through different chapters and it’s amazing how things spring into your head when a mistake is made I ask myself “what would Tully say”. I just cannot thank you enough for a book that can be read by the most experienced handler or the complete novice like me and learn.

This book should be like pedigree papers and given to everybody to read it as there is real information in that book that will help regardless of your experience. A mate of mine has a copy and often we find ourselves asking questions when something goes wrong, we always refer back to the “Tully bible”. I hope I am not bothering you but just want you to know what your book has done to us.